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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Safety Razors, Sometimes the Best Tech is Low-Tech

Well time for something a little different. In a world that’s increasingly becoming more and more high-tech, I’ve decided to opt for a piece of technology that is decidedly low-tech. Perhaps you've also been as frustrated as I have with the rising cost of cartridge razors and their blades. Maybe you've even read this satirical article and wondered how many Gillette executives actually think that way. I know with prices of $20-$30 for an eight pack of blades, I’m no longer enamored by promises that the latest razor with a vibrating handle, tilting head, five blades, and now even a ball head, is going to give me the best shave experience of my life.

With countless other interests aiming to take a chunk out of my wallet, I’ve decided to go back to a century-old technology. The tried-and-tested double-edged safety razor. These have seen a resurgence as of late, with some people touting what I call the “spa experience” of shaving. For me, the motivation is much more basic. I simply want to save money, while still getting an excellent shave. If you have similar interests, read on to hear my experience and find some useful resources to help you get started as well.